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The vintage carpets are very trendy

The Persian and Turkish carpets are connected with mystical stories and create a unique feeling in your home. Such carpets stand out in modern and minimalist interiors by placing the main emphasis in your room and at the same time giving warmth and comfort.
We also offer structured carpets for the unmistakable style, which give your room more depth, as well as the patterned carpets for the inspiring and fashionable appeal.

Carpet is characterized by beauty, softness and, above all, comfort. A beautiful carpet gives your room comfort and warmth and can become the most important element of the decoration. Correctly selected, it can completely change the feeling of space. A carpet is the best expression of your personality. Light or dark, bright or bold, elegant or playful - there is a stylish solution for every taste.

With the new collection, we introduced you to an extensive range of carpets for your needs. Whether loop or velor, plain-colored or with an attractive design - with us you will find the right carpet for your personal living and furnishing style.

We show numerous collections by well-known designers that make your living and working space unique. These extraordinary carpets made of high quality and durable materials bring comfort and are an inexhaustible source of joie de vivre. In addition, we offer individual solutions: a carpet can be made according to your own design in the desired size.

Convince yourself of the 5-star carpet quality and always benefit from the easy-care and dirt-repellent materials. We carry the collections of the manufacturers Tretford , JAB carpets , mellau carpet , Rhomtuft , and DESSO . We carry all JAB Anstoetz carpet collections, LVT flooring .

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