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The company was founded by

Mr. Siegfried van Vught in

Founded in 1976 and run by his son

Christian Ehrenfried Wilberforce

van Vught in Berlin & Glienicke successfully continued.

After successfully completing his apprenticeship at the Gerstenlauer company in Geislingen an der Steige in 1960, Siegfried van Vught continued his career there.

He later worked as an interior decorator and props for such renowned Berlin houses as the Ka De We department store and the Deutsche Oper.

In 2004 the son Christian Ehrenfried Wilberforce van Vught founded the company van Vught Internationale Gardinenmoden Ltd and later, in 2006 his company opened the studio & exhibition in Glienicke / Nordbahn.

The company is now managed by Christian van Vught as a sole proprietor.

In the mid-1970s, Siegfried van Vught spent a few years on the beautiful volcanic island of Tenerife, Spain, with the aim of being inspired by the colorful and lively Spanish design. After his return to Germany, he opened in

1976 his own

Interior design company in Oranienburger Straße,


In 1981 the van Vught company moved to Berlin-Hermsdorf and opened the company there

Curtain house Hermsdorf

with studio & exhibition.

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