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Welcome to the world of DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds!

DUETTE roller blind from Luxaflex at the specialist dealer

DUETTE® Wabenplissée

The right window decoration is something very distinctive for every room. With quality and style, it gives it homeliness and its own personal touch. At the same time, it should keep unwanted looks and too bright sun away.

DUETTE®, the original honeycomb pleated blind, is the right choice if you don't want to compromise on window decoration. DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blind adds a fabric layer to the conventional pleated blind. This means that the curtain is made twice - this creates a honeycomb structure.
Due to this structure, DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blind offers many advantages compared to other shading systems. In its combination of aesthetics and function, DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blind is exceptional. The double-layer honeycomb structure provides a great look on the one hand. On the other hand, the honeycombs are crucial for the DUETTE® climate zone - a natural air cushion that keeps summer heat out and reduces heat loss at the window in winter. Discover all the advantages of DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blind on our website and in our studio in Berlin & Glienicke.

And let yourself be inspired for your own dream home!

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